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 I sincerely appreciate your interest in our company.

Since 2013, we have been working on the market of road bitumen producers. The project is unique in its significance and has a very high potential. The special oil from the Karazhanbas oilfield used in processing allows us to produce road bitumen of the highest quality, according to experts, one of the best in the CIS countries. It is the only oil refinery in Kazakhstan that is focused on the production of air-blown road bitumen and modified innovative product that has no analogues in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This advantage gives us a significant impetus for further planned development. We continue to increase the rate of production of packed bitumen, in particular in big bags, which allow to preserve the original quality as much as possible during transportation worldwide. 

Bitumen produced in Aktau was used for  construction of almost all strategic roads in the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the route Western Europe – Western China. We have already covered about 45 % of the total bitumen market in the country and we are not complacent. Our team values the reputation and name of the company, so it works professionally, quickly and efficiently.

Song Guantao
CEO 'Caspi-Bitum'


The plant produces BND 70/100 and BND 100/130 road bitumen that proved effective in the most hard and adverse conditions. It perfectly withstands heavy loads, which makes it an ideal material for road  construction.

BND 100/130 bitumen is universal, recommended for use in all climate zones.

BND 70/100 bitumen is recommended for all climate zones, except zone 1, where the average monthly temperature of the coldest season does not exceed 20 °C.

The raw material used is highly resinous bituminous crude oil from the Karazhanbas oilfield, which is classified as heavy, resinous, low-paraffin, sulfurous and highly residuum.

Comprehensive study of the crude oil took place in 2008 and 2011 by Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petroleum Products (PRC) confirming the suitability for the production of air-blown and polymer-modified road bitumen and issuing the initial data for design.

Quality control of products is carried out in the Central Laboratory of CASPI BITUM JV LLP, equipped with uptodate equipment. The laboratory has accreditation in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO/IEC 1702-2019. Every batch is analyzed for 11 indicators in accordance with the requirements of ST RK 1373-2013. If the selected sample meets all regulatory requirements, a quality passport is issued.

The design capacity of the plant for production of air-blown bitumen is 406.5 thousand tons per year. 

Modified bitumen is a component of asphalt concrete that makes the road surface resistant to dynamic and thermal loads, elastic, prevents deformation from vehicles  due to high adhesion and greater resistance to sudden temperature changes.

The polymer increases the operating temperature range of modified bitumen up to 100°C, which is 40-50°C is higher than that of conventional bitumen, which explains its wear resistance. The service life of the road surface is increased by 1.5-2 times.

The capacity of the modified bitumen production unit is 120,000 tons per year.

The main advantage of packed bitumen is its ability to maintain the initial physical and chemical parameters, since multiple heating and cooling cycles are excluded. It can be used and stored in any climate conditions. No seasonal production variability.

Bitumen packed in big bags is an innovative product that has no analog in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The capacity of the packed bitumen production unit is 1,200 tons per day.  


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